Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Activity Tips and Ideas

Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home! ~Charles Dickens

We'd all love it if all children were magically perfect with long attention spams during the holidays, but all moms know this just isn't so. The key to having fun with kids during Christmas, or other holidays, is to keep them busy with fun, quick activities. My daughter and I decorated today and I realized how much better she was doing this year at eight years old then she had in the past. With age they can do more, and it's important not to have expectations they can't meet. Just like most of us aren't Martha Stewart, neither are our kids!

Bearwoman, one of our creative community members,shared these great tips for keeping the kids busy and helping them have a great time.

-Give each child their own miniature tree to can get these at the dollar store, along with cheap ornies and everything you'll need. Let them pick a few things out too!

-Use construction paper to cut out giant stars and candy canes to hang on the full sized Christmas tree. You can also glitter them and place the child's picture in the center for a family heirloom. We still have ours from our dear daughter's kindergarten and she is now 20!

-Have the kids use cut out construction paper to make cards for their friends at school,or church. Use markers, stickers, and old cut up Christmas cards. You don't need envelopes. They can just hand them out. Add a curling ribbon and small candy cane too.

-Have story time with library Christmas books. Let them pick the ones they want...and enjoy a cup of cocoa and popcorn while reading these together. Great for families and don't forget to invite the little friends over.

I have to add that we sing and read each night, and during Christmas change our selections to Christmas carols and books. This is always so much fun, and makes the season extra special.

On OFL Mary Emma shares about her cookie traditions:



  1. Need Help. A co-worked and I just found out that the girl who was supposed to be decorating our door has been sent on short notice travel. We are 'it' to decorate the door. I'm crafty, but not artistic. I need ideas, hints, anything to give me direction. Theme "Old Fashioned Christmas" Deadline, Monday Dec 15. No pressure eh?

  2. What cute ideas AND pictures! I especially liked the idea of adding a child's picture to the construction paper stars and candy canes. I have to admit though, my grandboys can be a bit hard on paper at times, so I will probably give it a try and then use clear contact paper to laminate them and give them a bit of "protection." :) Thanks for the great tips!


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