Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We at Old Fashioned Living are thankful for all of our readers. You've been with us for many years and we are grateful for all of your support. Personally, I am thankful for the support and friendships I've made through OFL. I've known many of you before my daughter was born 12 years ago!

We hope you have a blessed and memorable Thanksgiving.

I finished another article just in time for the week's festivities:

I'm sharing tips on baking and microwaving sweet potatoes and some old fashioned recipes. Remember, they aren't just for Thanksgiving:)


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Week: Pie Crust Tricks

Thanksgiving week is here, and it's almost time to get out the Christmas decorations! Despite the crowds and commercialism, I love this time of year. I remember as a kid listening to Christmas music and waiting for my favorite holiday shows to air, hoping it would snow before Christmas Eve and putting up the Christmas tree.  I still love all of those things, as do my kids, so we're looking forward to getting out all of our favorite things this week. Yes, even my 18 and 19 year old help decorate:)

I've bought most of the food for our dinner on Thursday, except for a few things I'm going to pick up on Tuesday when I go out for an appointment. This year feels odd since both of my boys have graduated high school, and are going to college plus working. We had to figure out when the best time would be for dinner, juggling everyone's schedules as best we could. Unfortunately, we can't travel to either of our parents' homes because my son and husband work the day before and after Thanksgiving, but the five of us will be together Thursday, late in the afternoon for turkey and the fixings. Serving dinner a little later than usual isn't a big deal for me. I'm just thankful that we can be together.  

This week I'm writing articles that I think will be helpful through the entire holiday season.  The first one focuses on traditional pie crust.  What is the trick to a successful crust?  I share recipes and tips from the 1930's and 1940's when most people made their own pies and crust for the holidays. The article is here: . I think you'll enjoy the tips and the recipes.