Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In the Garden: June Tips

June is the time to get serious about your garden and landscape if you haven't already. A lot is going on, and if you get a head start on your planting, weeding and pruning you'll be glad you did later in the summer.

-Shrubs and bushes that flower in the spring can be pruned after they bloom. lilacs, flowering almond, spirea, viburnum, and forsythia are some that may need pruning.

-Chrysanthemum buds should be pinched off until July. The blooms will be later in the fall that way when you'll appreciate the autumn colors.

-Remove the stems and leaves from your spring bulbs such as tulips and daffodils only when they wilted and turned yellow and/or brown. Before this point they are storing up energy from the sun for next year's blooms.

-After a good spring rain is the perfect time to weed. It's SO much easier, and even those long rooted weeds will come out whole when pulled after a rain.

-Once ALL frost has passed it's time to plant dahlias and gladiolas. Don't wait too long because they will need the growing time to give you a good set of blooms.

-Irises can multiply rapidly, and the crowding will hinder their growth. After they bloom they can be carefully dug up, divided and replanted. Cut the old bloom off but leave the foliage if it's still green.

-As your peonies bloom and the flowers fade, cut off them off and throw in the compost pile or discard. They look unsightly, but also there is a chance with the old blooms bunched together as they drop could cause mildew. Clipping off the old blooms keeps the plant neater looking and healthier.

Now is the perfect time to plant sunflower seeds and I have an article with tips on OFL: http://oldfashionedliving.com/sunflowers.html