Friday, January 31, 2014

Easy Enchiladas for a Crowd

The Superbowl is Sunday, and though my husband is the only hardcore football fan, the rest of us love the commercials and half time, so we look forward to it.  Between football and the Olympics coming up, we should have a nice diversion from the snow and ice.

Last week I made a pan of enchiladas and realized my recipe would be perfect for a party or get together because I could make several pans and vary the ingredients. I took pictures of the enchiladas I was making that night, and shared the variations I've made in the past.  While my recipe isn't authentic, it is one I've come up with after years of trying different methods, and it's now a family favorite.  The article is here:

We had three school snow days this week, and are expecting another snow storm. Luckily I stocked up on pantry items, and I'm all set for dinners this weekend, but the cabin fever is setting in for everyone in the family. I was looking through my seed catalogs this week to let my mind drift to flowers and herbs for awhile:)

Stay warm and safe,