Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tips From Farmer's Wife 1928

By all these lovely tokens September days are
here, with summer's best of weather and autumn's
best of cheer. ~Helen Hunt Jackson

These tips are from an issue of Farmer's Wife from 1928. My dad gave me several issues of this magazine and I will share them.

To repair a leak in a bucket, paint over the hole, and stick a piece of cloth over it. After the paint is dry, apply two more coats of paint.

An easy way of preparing grated cheese is to press it through an ordinary tea strainer. It is much quicker than grating. Boiled eggs can be treated the same way.

Apply iodine to scratches on mahogany furniture and then rub with a good furniture polish.

Felt hats can be well cleaned by rubbing them with a rubber bath sponge.

Houseplants do not get such tall, watery stalks and stems and they seem to blossom more fully if wood ashes are stirred into the soil once in awhile during the indoor season.

In preparing pumpkin it's much easier to cut it in half,remove the seeds and place it in the oven upside down. When it's done, remove the pulp from the shell and rub through a sieve. This is much quicker than cooking in a kettle.

One of the best things to clean glass baking dishes, granite ware and milk pails, is very fine sandpaper. Always keep a few 2 inch squares in the kitchen cabinet.

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