Wednesday, September 17, 2008

October Party Ideas from 1937

The leaves lay like hands upon the ground.
When the wind rustles them, they applaud
softly. ~Laura E. Stevens

Rural Progress Magazine from 1937 has many neat ideas for October parties. The headline reads "October is the Month for Parties"! The article is rather long but I have here some of the ideas and menu plans to share. The emphasis is on keeping expense to a minimum and making food from scratch with what is in season.

If your house is small, plan a yard picnic and cook part of the food over an open fire, even if it is only coffee to go with cake or doughnuts. A fish fry is a good way to entertain a large group of friends or neighbors, providing you live where fish abound. We might also borrow an idea from our neighbors down-south and have an outdoor barbecue. Then there is steak fries and hamburgers. A
slight flavor of wood smoke improves food immeasurably.

This being the month of apple and pumpkin harvests, we
can think of other good ideas for entertaining!

Sweet Cider Party: serve apple cider or fresh apple juice
and fresh baked doughnuts.

Apple Pie Supper: serve apple pies, homemade ice cream
and plates of cheese.

Pumpkin Pie Supper: serve pumpkin pies, fresh homemade
whipped cream, new harvest of black walnuts, and pots of

Buffet Supper Party: serve baked ham and/or fried chicken,
scalloped potatoes, salad using endive, lettuce, raw cauliflower,
green pepper, tomato with French dressing. Also serve rolls or
muffins and a seasonal dessert such as angel food cake with
orange icing.

To have a successful party it is important for your guests to
participate in activities or games. One popular game is
Popcorn-on-a-string. Thread a darning needle with a yard
length of string. Pierce a large piece of popcorn with the
needle and slip to the middle of the string. Allow one string
for two players. Give one end to each of the players and
instruct them to eat their way to the popcorn. First there
wins a prize!

(I had to read this FOUR times and still don't quite understand. I'm guessing they are suppose to gather the string into their mouths until they reach the popcorn piece!)

On OFL I also have an article on Halloween party ideas from 1915. You can read it here:

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  1. I think they left out an important step - continue to string the popcorn to fill the string completely...

    That way the contestants can eat only the popcorn.

    I would actually stick something big in the middle - maybe a prune or something ... that looks gross!


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