Monday, March 23, 2009

The Spring Garden: Thrifty Tips

Even weeds carry tiny blossoms to astonish us. ~Marianne Poloskey

There are so many cheap tricks you can do to cut garden costs. First, always research something before you buy it to see if there is a thrifty method. I saw a perfect example at Sam's Club on Friday. They had a raised bed system that was $800.00. I will admit it was spiffy but making your own would be a quarter of the price or less, depending on what supplies you use. Below I have a few thrifty tips to use in the garden.

Homemade Seed Tape:

You'll need:
1 cup flour
1/4 cup water
strips of newspaper

Mix together the flour and water until it resembles a batter. This will be your glue.

Take a strip of newspaper and lay it flat on your work surface. Look at the seed instructions for the spacing needed between seeds. Dab some glue with that amount of space in-between each glob of glue. Place one seed in each glob and allow them all to lay flat until they dry.

Prepare your bed, lay the strip down in the bed and cover with the amount of soil specified on the seed packet. Water gently.

Leftover screen: When you replace screens there are always scraps leftover from trimming. Save this and use it to lay in the bottom of pots to keep the soil from falling out and it will keep bugs/pests from crawling in through the hole.

Plastic knives: Every time we have a birthday or an occasion to use plastic colored silverware there are always knives leftover. Last year I had pink knives to brighten up my seed starting:) Use them as plant markers. Write the plant name on with permanent marker and stick in the pots, seed starter containers or the ground.

Mini Greenhouses: Bakery or salad containers that have the dark bottom and the see through top make perfect little greenhouses for starting seeds. You can put the starter soil directly in them, or use peat pots. Keep the lid on until they germinate, then remove once the seeds have sprouted. As they out grow the container you can put them in their own pots.

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  1. I have never thought of plastic knives. I usually use popsicle (craft ) sticks.

  2. Love these tips Brenda. I am really nervous about starting my garden this year, but am really determined to try!


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