Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hodge Podge Day

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action. ~W.J. Cameron

Today I have readers tips and a question that was sent in recently. Perfect for the holiday week!

The pistachio quick bread sounds wonderful, but I'm wondering if the pudding is the cooking type or the instant. Thank-you.
Linda E.

Sorry I left that out Linda, it's instant pudding. You can use brand name or store brand. I noticed there are some cool new Jell-o flavors I'm going to have to try this year with the breads:)

Wanita shares two neat ornament ideas and a bread tip!

Crush a large shredded wheat biscuit. Add 1/4 cup white glue and coat the shredded wheat. Color with food coloring as desired and shape ornaments on plastic to dry. Paper clips may be inserted while wet for hangers. Let air dry, peel off plastic and decorate as desired. A small plastic lid from a margarine tub is great for wreath. The food coloring can stain hands so one might want to use gloves.

One year we had a "sweet" Christmas tree. I purchased miniature ice cream cones from McDonald's (like they use for their kiddie sample cones) and little satin ball ornaments. I hot glued the balls on the cones. After they were dry, I sprayed them with clear acrylic spray paint. We used candy canes, bows and gingerbread people with them. The ice cream cones lasted several years!

Adding some chopped marchino cherries to the pistachio bread makes it very Christmas-y and festive. ~Wanita

A reader also sent in this dishwasher tip:
I also have a front loading washer... The idea of running vinegar and bleach (on different cycles) is great, but she might also want to pick up a product in the dishwashing isle called Limi Shine..(this is also great for using in your dish washer for build up). I have had a problem in the past with smells on not only towels~used some Limi Shine (I used the delayed wash cycle) and it cleared right up...

Thanks everyone! ~Brenda

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