Friday, October 24, 2008

A Halloween Pin or Magnet Craft

Go, sit upon the lofty hill,
And turn your eyes around,
Where waving woods and waters wild
Do hymn an autumn sound.
The summer sun is faint on them --
The summer flowers depart --
Sit still -- as all transform'd to stone,
Except your musing heart.

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

My daughter and I made these easy Halloween pins last weekend, and I wanted to share.

What you'll need:
Craft foam
Sticky back craft foam
hole punch
Glue stick and Elmer's Glue
craft or floral wire
magnets or pin backs

We didn't use patterns, but you can get an idea from the picture. The "dots" were my daughter's idea and worked fantastic. We punched holes out of the sticky back craft foam in orange and black, then we simple removed the paper and placed them on our hats or masks. The hats we cut out of the first color (plain foam), then cut the "brim" to match in black sticky foam. The floral wire was fun to use. We curled it around toothpicks, removed and stuck the ends through the foam to attach. The sequins were from an assorted bag that I had purchased. They glued on easily with the Elmer's glue, but not with the glue stick. After all the designs were finished I placed a heavy book on them for the night and they were ready for pin backs in the morning. The pin backs we purchased last month for less than $2.00. It was an entire bag, so we'll be making more holiday pins for Christmas.

My daughter also made this mask in the same way as the pins, but it's about 6 inches across and we hung it for a decoration. We wrapped the craft wire around pencils for this one.

The sticky back foam was about $4.00 at Walmart for a huge package and it's been money well spent. My daughter used the scraps to decorate drawings she made. She seemed to love cutting out dresses and placing them on her girl drawings the most:)

We also have these easy fall kid crafts on OFL:

I hope you have a lovely fall weekend. ~Brenda

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