Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Fun for Little Goblins

The snapping of pitch from a burning log,
The faint scent of pine filling the room.
Flames leaping about as if it were a ballet
Performing for its audience.
The soft, comforting glow of candlelight,
Bringing with it serenity and quiet thoughts.
~Linda Christensen

I always love getting different ideas from readers and message board members for Halloween games and activities. This year I'm helping organize the classroom party for my daughter's third grade. We are breaking the kids into groups and having "centers"; one with crafts, one with games and another with food. I'm also putting together a treat bag for each student. I will let you all know when I have everything planned out. In the meantime, here are some neat ideas from our visitors.

Ring Around a Pumpkin - A harvest version of ring toss, it's easy to make this game with a hula hoop and a few pumpkins. Paint point values on the pumpkins - 5, 10, 15,and 25 -and arrange the pumpkins with the highest point value farthest away. Players stand at a starting line and try to toss the hula hoop around a pumpkin. Each kid gets three tries, and the high score wins.

Pumpkin Hunt- Instead of hiding eggs like we do at Easter, we hide mini pumpkins. Let the kids find and decorate them. For the younger children use glue sticks with construction paper cut-outs for decorations. The older kids could use the same, as well as paints, glitter, buttons or whatever you can think of. ~Lina, a long time visitor and friend.

I work in a Retirement Village, and at Halloween, we play a game with the preschool that visits us. All of the seniors sit in a circle, and hold a bowl of candy. The little ones in costume walk around the circle to music and when the music stops, the senior nearest them gives them a treat! The seniors love this, they get to look at the costumes close up. Plus, it gives the children something to do besides be shy! Not all of the seniors give candy, some give stickers, some plastic rings or other small toys. We play this for awhile til all of the kids have a share of treats. Then we have cocoa and cookies, and cap it all off by lighting the jack-o-lanterns the seniors have spent the evening before carving. We turn off the lights, and enjoy it to the fullest, I sometimes read a few poems to set the mood. (Not too creepy, the kids are still small!) Happy Haunting to your little goblins! ~Bunny

On OFL we have a lot of fun ideas for Halloween. Check out our holiday index here:

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