Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Taste of Fall: Fruit Muffins

This weekend was rainy at times, but otherwise is was perfect fall weather. It was a bit windy, but mostly sunny and the temperatures were in the 60's, which is perfect for yard work.  I love fall, and Michigan is beautiful this time of year with the crisp scents of fall, and the trees turning color. It actually makes fall chores enjoyable because to be outside is to enjoy the colors and the smells of autumn. 

I did take time out last week to have a muffin baking day.  Everyone in our family loves muffins, so I can't just make one dozen.  I figured out a way to make three types of muffins using the same topping, and they bake in about 15 minutes for each batch, so it's not an all day affair.  I jotted down the recipes for the muffins and the topping to share here: .

These are perfect for breakfast, or to send to work and school.   

~Enjoy,  Brenda

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