Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Taste of Summer: Squash

Several years ago we visited my parents and they gave us this large scalloped squash. I figured it would be too large to saute, but we took it home with the rest of the vegetables they gave us that year. I cut it into thin slices and sauteed the squash with onion. It was delicious, despite the large size, which isn't usually the case with summer squash. My daughter was especially tickled at the size of the squash, as you can see:)

The second article I wrote for our Taste of Summer series includes tips on storing and cooking summer squash with recipes and a link to our zucchini article from a few years ago. One can never have too many squash recipes, especially zucchini!  The article is here:

I hope your harvest is coming in, and that you are enjoying the summer,


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