Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Tidbits: Love and Garden Fever

It's February, which always brings to mind love for me, not only because of Valentine's Day, but it's my 23rd anniversary this year and my daughter's twelve birthday. Yes, it's a chaotic, but memorable month in our family. I thought I'd start things out with a note on some past blogs that have some great information. I especially love the party recipes.

Tea Cookies, Cake & Homemade Vanilla Sugar Recipes:

Homemade Frosting Goodness:

Valentine's Recipes from 1938

Valentine's Day Party Recipes:

February is also a time to start thinking about landscaping. Why so early? If you're in a warm climate, it's not too early at all. In Florida, trees and shrubs can be transplanted. Evergreens and summer flowering shrubs can be pruned, but just as in cold climates NEVER prune spring flowering shrubs until after they bloom. You'll be cutting off the future buds.

In colder climates there is something important we can be doing. Since the trees and bushes have shed their leaves it's a good time to look at them and make notes of what needs pruning. You can look at the bare branches and determine if they look properly shaped. Keep a notebook and make sketches of what you want to do when it warms up. Keep in mind that large pine trees often do better if the lower branches are trimmed so they aren't touching the ground.

It's also a great time to look at your landscape as a whole, and plan what you want to add or change this year. Again, takes notes, sketch out plans, and look through nursery catalogs and websites. Be sure to make a budget because purchases can get our of hand very quickly.

On OFL we have some tips on keeping a garden diary:

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