Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catching Up With Readers

The summer has been so busy that I missed a few comments and questions along the way. I thought today I would catch up with readers:)

I live in northern Ohio, Huron and we are finally cooling off a little bit today. We have had some rain and everything is perking up. The sky has the fall look to it today. The prairie grass in the back is starting to bloom. The Indian Grass is starting to look beautiful and the Little Blue Stem on the front hill is starting to look beautiful too, it has not turned its bronze color yet but it is near. My ornamental grasses are starting to bloom too. I do love this time of year. But there is something nice about every season. ~Marlene

I agree with Marlene, my grasses are looking pretty too. One of my favorite things this year though were the gladiolas that I forgot to dig up last year. They came back beautifully despite my forgetfulness. I think we had enough snow that they had good insulation and I had planted them deep enough that they weren't killed off by the cold. Volunteer blooms are always the loveliest:) This is one of the gladiolas below in front of my Maiden Grass.

Salmon Burgers ~ My mom used to make these when we were kids. I asked her for the recipe and attempted to make it myself, but picking out the bones took forever! When you say to "pick out the bones," do you mean just the larger bones or every single bone there? ~topiaryrose

I should have put a note in about the bones. Sorry about that! I only pick out the round hard bones that are the vertebrae of the fish. The others are so tiny and soft that they just mix in with the salmon and the breadcrumbs. I've also read that those teeny bones add to the nutrients of the recipe.

As a retired teacher, I thank you for raising, caring children. They will be successful adults you can continue to be proud of NOW, what is a 'Johnny-Jump-Up? ~Elizabeth

You are welcome Elizabeth. I hope they grow up to teach their children about the nature around them just like I did. Below is a picture of a Johnny-Jump-Up:

The proper name is Viola cornuta (Violaceae). It looks like a cross between a pansy and a violet, and the petals are always a mixture of purple and yellow. It's much tinier than a pansy, about half the size.

Thanks everyone! Remember, you can email me with questions and comments, and even if I don't respond immediately, I will when time allows.


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  1. I have a few leftover gladiolas that pop up in odd places every year...I love when this is a little gift from the flower fairies.


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