Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reader's Travel Tips & More

Today I'm sharing some tips from readers. This first one is from Jonell, and reminded me that we did save on drinks on the drive to and from Florida as well. My husband and I drink Diet Pepsi, and we kept two liter bottles in a small cooler between the seats, where they boys were sitting, plus ice. We refilled reusable cups with tops as we traveled instead of buying a small bottle each time we stopped. We also had granola bars, crackers and pretzels to snack on. I tried to limit my drinking while we were driving, otherwise we'd be making stops every hour or so:)

Here are the readers' tips with my comments afterwards in italics.

We are planning to take in some of the LONGEST YARD SALE the first weekend in august and I suspect this is info that will be useful for that too..We bought a lightweight cooler, on wheels with a pull out handle and extra pockets on the outside for traveling...our reason is that WE GET TIRED OF THE SAME OLD RESTAURANTS where we often end up spending more money and eating more food than we should/want to...AND THERE ARE TIME WHEN WE SEE BEAUTIFUL OUTDOOR LOCATIONS THAT WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A LIGHT MEAL/PICNIC OR DRINKS...

The first of July we will be making a trip to my sisters in western Kentucky and then on north to our daughters in Iowa..same options for this. I intend to buy some frozen drinks to pack/add water & planning to pack as many frozen items as possible would like to hear other suggestions both for saving money and convenience.

~Jonell, http://mershongeorgiagirl.blogspot.com

A great idea for travel sandwiches is using pita bread. It is easier to hold and eat while traveling.
I purchase mine at a Greek deli..they are the best! Often the local grocers freeze their pitas. ~Herb Princess

Herb Princess is a long time member of our message forums on OFL. She sent me this tip and I wanted to share it. I told her I actually haven't been to a Greek Deli, but I'll keep my eye out because I imagine they have a lot of yummy things I would enjoy. I wish I had thought of pita bread for our Florida trip!

When we travel in a group like that we usually bring along a crock pot and sling in a pot roast with veggies to enjoy for the evening meal one night and sandwiches the next day. Spaghetti is easy and always a hit especially if you stay at a place that has a kitchen. We are going to music fest next month just the two of us and we are already planning our meals for that. ~J. Johnson

I wish I had thought of a crock pot! Next time we travel I will definitely take mine along. I can think of some great recipes that don't need much preparation. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the info and I'm sure you did save a lot of money. But don't sacrifice you health. Freezing water in plastic bottles is a big NO NO as it leaches dioxins in the water. ~J. Sellers

I know there is all kinds of differing advice about this. We didn't freeze the water bottles solid, and we only used them for one day then disposed of them, and started with a new one the next day.


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