Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Questions from our Facebook Fans

As you know, we set up a facebook fan page for Old Fashioned Living. There have been several questions that have gone unanswered as of late, so I thought I would turn to you, our loyal blog readers for help! Here they are, you can post your answers in the comments, reply to the email you receive, or post the answers directly on our fan page.

From Beth Mitchell
Does anyone know how to increase egg production? I have about 53 layers and I am getting around 30-34 eggs a day.

From Barbara Cole
Looking for a good pickled beets recipe for canning. I know its early but I'm getting ready!

From Angela Desilets Murray
I am attempting my first real herb garden, any suggestions?? We have a farm but really don't know a whole lot about anything, we have six goats that we just love and seven old bettys (chickens) that are more like pets cause we only get two to three eggs a day... time to retire them. And a rabbit. I am also putting in the biggest garden that I have ever attempted to do. I am so excited.

From Kim Bowen
Grandma did it! I have a very old family, I am the last GD of the last DD. My grandma raised cotton and had a card and spinning wheel. What did your grandma do to inspire your love for old fashioned things?

Thanks everyone!

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