Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Basil: An easy herb for the coming spring

My deck is still completely covered in snow. This year's winter brought snow to some parts of the country that rarely ever see it, so spring seems very far away at the moment. It's really not though, even if Mother Nature wants us to believe otherwise. Spring is only a month away (officially) so it's time to start thinking about your garden, spring cleaning, fresh(er) produce, and packing away that winter garb.

While Brenda is truly the gardener, I have been known to keep a few plants alive for an entire growing season. One of those lucky survivors were my basil plants. In fact, for someone who really doesn't have a green thumb (it leans a little more toward the black side), basil is a very forgiving and easy plant. Brenda has an excellent guide to basil on Old Fashioned Living. Be sure to check it out and get ready to grow some basil!

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  1. Since I was not home last fall, my basil bit the dust with the first freeze. I am hoping it will come back by the many seeds it dropped.


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