Monday, June 1, 2009

June Garden Tidbits

Gardeners, I think, dream bigger dreams than Emperor's. ~Mary Cantwell

Gardening is in full swing for everyone, though we have still had some chilly nights here in Michigan. My tomato seedlings are doing well, and I'll be moving them outside this week or next. I have more June garden tidbits today:

-Even if you don't normally place your houseplants outside during the summer, watch the weather reports and place them outside during a warm, gentle rain. It will wash off the dust and give them a nice shower.

-Once your bearded iris has stopped blooming remove the flower stock/seed pods so the plants energy can focus on the roots instead of seed production. If your irises are 3 years old or older you may want to consider dividing them. I have instructions on planting and dividing here:

-Blossom end rot isn't uncommon in tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. Prevention involves watering your plants evenly and on a regular basis. If you let them dry out too much, then soak them, they may get it. Plan a watering schedule and try to stick to it.

-Believe it or not, you really should be planning for your spring garden, if you want less work that is, and a good soil to plant in next season. There is a technique known as "soil solarization" that works really well during the hot months of June and July. The area must receive full sun for it to work the best. Determine where you want to place a new bed, or extend one you already have. Pull up the larger weeds that you can grab--and rototill the area so it works it up about 8 inches deep. Water the area VERY well, and place clear plastic over the entire area--tack it down with stakes (tent stakes work great) or large rocks. You can leave this on and remove it next spring OR to really get it going, remove it in a month, and rototill again. Place the plastic on again and keep it there till spring.


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  1. I really love that tip about placing your house plants outside during a warm rain, it will come in very useful in future!


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