Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Frugal Headboard Ideas

There are a lot of different and creative ways to create a unique headboard for your room. Honestly, I had never thought of some of these ideas but was so intrigued I felt the need to share them. A great way to save money and redecorate at the same time!

An Old Door
If you want a classic wood look, sand and stain the door to match existing furniture. Or paint the door and distress for a vintage look. If the door is paneled, the inserts can be painted a contrasting color, stenciled with elegant designs, or decoupaged with fabric or handmade papers.

Use a section of wooden picket or wrought iron fencing. The sections can be painted and fastened with bolts or hooks.

Decorate with ivy, silk flowers and ribbons for a Country French look or simply paint.

Old Window Frames
Leave painted window frames as is for a distressed look. Or paint a garden scene (or use a wallpaper mural) behind the frames to give the illusion of looking outdoors.

Folding Screens
An elegant folding screen with fabric or painted panels can be easily attached to the wall or left standing for a simple headboard solution.

Vintage Napkins or Placemats
The linen can be hung on curtain rod which is attached decorative rod holders just above the bed.

Plywood, Siding or Paneling
Use scrap plywood or MDF covered by cedar siding or paneling. The headboard can have a rustic, lodge look if covered by cedar shakes or a more traditional look if covered by tongue-in-groove paneling.

Stain or paint the shutters to create a country or cottage look in your romantic bedroom.

Framed Photos
Create an arrangement of photos grouped by size, frame color or theme to give the illusion of a headboard.

Quilt or Tapestry
Mount the fabric over a shower curtain or cafe curtain rod using curtain hooks with a clip bottom. This looks great in a country or European-style bedroom.

If you use your imagination, tiles, strips of fabric, bookcases, the back of an old sofa, a large poster or wooden shelves can all be used to fashion a headboard.

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  1. Great ideas! My husband and I have been talking about making a headboard for our bed for several years now. I love the idea of taking an old door and turning it into a headboard. I've put that on our "to do" list now that we've moved and have the space to finally make some changes to our furniture.

  2. I love the idea of using old shutters, you can find tons of them in salvage shops. And the iron fencing sounds pretty too. I feel like my house looks so pretty, but I've neglected having a headboard and it looks so blah. Thanks for all the tips!


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