Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frugal Tips: Hodge Podge

This week I have a variety of different tips shared by the FamilyCorner message board members. I've done the first one myself, but I've added a note that may be helpful to some.

To save money on vacation: put the amount of cash needed for each activity in a labeled envelope, adding a bit extra for souvenirs and including any coupons. Afterward, any extra money can be added to another envelope for later. (Note from me: Cash is too tempting. I used to do this same thing. But instead of cash I wrote out a check. That way the check was subtracted from the bank balance and just showed as outstanding. No cash to "borrow" from in the envelope.)

I save 2-liter bottles and fill them with water, then freeze to put in the cooler.They really work great keeping things cold.They work a lot better than ice packs.

If it isn't something important that I am printing, I use the back-side of previously printed paper. I just make sure it doesn't have any creases or crinkles before loading it into the paper bin.

When pump-style hand soap gets to the bottom and it doesn't want to come out of the pump, I take the lid off, add a little water, put the lid back on and shake it up and we have about half a bottle of soap again.

I've been taking our empty garbage bag boxes, freezer bag boxes, etc., and cutting them down and using them for drawer organizers. This has been especially helpful in the kitchen "junk" drawer.

I came across a "stainless steel soap." It is just a round piece of stainless steel that is used to remove fish garlic & onion odors from your hands. Why buy the stone when a stainless steel spoon or other piece of silverware will do the same thing?

When I was looking at grocery ads, the sale prices of certain things seemed to be really good. But the package size has gotten smaller! So they have pulled another fast one! Check carefully before you buy.

To see more frugal ideas, visit Thrifty Thursdays.

~ Amanda

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