Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old Fashioned Games for Kids

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I have several books and magazines from the 1950's and I put together some great activities for kids that don't involve television or video games. Kids sometimes resist at first,but then once they get going they have a great time!

But small one inch square dolls out of plain paper. You'll need a plain comb, the kind guys usually keep in their pocket. Comb your hair as quickly as you can 3-4 times. Then very quickly place the comb right over the dolls, just touching them. They should "jump" on the comb and you can make them dance by moving the comb around. Try this on a dry day, then try it again on a rainy day. Hmmm...what happens?

Lay flat on the floor on your back. Balance a penny on the tip of your nose. Twitch your nose and move your lips but NOTHING else. Don't wiggle your head or move your body (no cheating!). Can you make the penny fall?

You'll need a piece of thread about 12 inches or so long, salt, a paper plate and an ice cube. Run a little water over the ice cube and place it on the plate. Now wet your piece of thread,then lay one end of it on top of the ice cube, shaping it into a
little loop. (it will lay flat on the cube). Sprinkle a little salt over the looped thread on the ice cube. Count to 5 and you should be able to lift the ice cube by the thread even though it's not tied to it or attached!

You'll need an egg, a needle, and two water glasses. First you'll need to empty the egg shell. Prick a hole in each end of the egg with the needle very carefully. Blow on one end so the egg will come out the other end. Keep blowing until it feels empty. Carefully set the empty egg down on a towel so it doesn't break. (Put the egg yolk and white in the refrigerator to use later if you wish.)

Fill the two glasses with water and place them side by side so they are touching. Place the egg in one of the glasses. The trick is to blow on the egg so it jumps into the other glass! It's difficult, but it is possible. You must figure out how to
blow so the air goes down and under the egg shell. Where should you blow to make this happen?

Place two plastic cups (glass is too loud and may break) on a tables exactly 6 inches apart. Put 10 marbles into one glass. Take 2 unsharpened pencils and hold them in your hand like chop sticks. Try to lift the marbles out of one glass and place them into the other by using just the pencil chop sticks! See how many you can move before dropping one.

Crumble up a piece of aluminum foil into a ball. Tie one end of a 30 inch long piece of string around the ball. Tie the other end of the string to a cup handle. You can use any cup that has a handle---don't use a nice one in case it breaks! A plastic cup
with a handle works best. Hold the cup by the handle and swing it so that the ball goes into the air. Try to catch the ball in the cup. This isn't as easy as it may seem!

Make your own Pick-Up-Sticks and play with the kids!


  1. Great games . I was just looking for some different ones for Christmas. One of our favourites is Fish Racing. Make a fish shape out of a sheet of news paper. Roll up the rest of the newspaper and flap your fish across the room. See who has the fastest fish.

  2. When I as young, I really like those simple games. Because of those games, I laughed hard and had a good time with my friends. I wish kids now can appreciate this kind of game.

  3. are these old and day games or what ?

  4. i loved these games when i was young especially when we were bored we always used to play: Move a penny with you're nose, everybody still plays these games now and then and parents should teach their kids how to play these games to expirence what it was like back than :)

  5. Yes, they're kid's games from the 1950's before video or computer games:)


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