Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ideas for Your Holiday Table

Christmas is not in tinsel and lights and outward show. The secret lies in an inner glow. It's lighting a fire inside the heart. Good will and joy a vital part. It's higher thought and a greater plan. It's glorious dream in the soul of man. ~Wilfred A. Peterson

Today I have tips for your holiday table from some of our visitors.

I put my glass punch bowl on my glass cake stand and then I fill the bowl with blue and silver glass bulbs and around the base I put greenery with tiny silver and blue bulbs. I light the blue candles that I have placed in clear glass candle sticks on four sides. It sparkles wonderfully. For the kids table I glued different size and colored bulbs together to make a tree. Then I circled the bottom with greenery. ~Lisa A.

Each year we try something new with decorating the tables for Christmas lunch. The kids' table is my favorite to decorate. They get so excited when they see what awaits them each year.

There will be 8 kids and I am doing a gingerbread theme for their table. The tablecloth is red, with a white overcloth and will be sprinkled with Christmas glitter. The centrepiece is a gingerbread house we are making and 2 lolly (lollipop)trees. I have some gingerbread dolls that will grace the table and there will be a gingerbread boy or girl cookie with the child's name piped on it in icing. The cookies will sit on the white plates at each place setting. I bought some Christmas crackers that have a red and white swirly pattern on them for each place setting.

The adults table will have a white cloth with a gold and silver overcloth. The centrepiece is a silver and gold Christmas tree and beside it is two silver candle holders with white candles (they have little silver and gold stars on them). Our china is white and we'll use the crystal wine glasses (with gold bows tied on the stems) and the good silver cutlery. Each place setting will have a gold bauble with a place card attached to it. ~Lizzy

I laid a green tablecloth on the table; and in the center placed a small white tablecloth that has Christmas plaid border. I have a centerpiece of Santa's workshop. Around the workshop are goblets with a snow scene. I filled the goblets half full of rock salt and placed a votive candle in each one. The 4 goblets are placed around the workshop. The centerpiece is round so I put red garland around the base. The place settings are my Christmas dishes and I placed the napkins with gold napkin rings in the Christmas cup on top of the saucer which sets on the dinner plate.

My dining room buffet has a lot of candles, a nativity scene placed on a round mirror piece; angels, and Christmas tea cups. My buffet area I set up in my kitchen; I use the counters, butcher block table and breakfast bar; I set candles, whimsical Christmas pieces as decorations and of course my Snowman Soup Station for everyone to enjoy. I have a small Christmas tree with nativity scene ornaments on the Breakfast bar.
~Ms. Jodi

On OFL, Mary Emma shares on capturing holiday memories:

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