Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tips on Cleaning Glass Stovetops

Then summer fades and passes and October
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~Thomas Wolfe

Today I have tips on cleaning glass stove tops. I gave my initial response to one of our readers, and as usual, other subscribers sent in their personal experiences. I've linked to products where they were mentioned and I could find a website. My readers are the best!

I have glass stove and every time I cook and something spills over onto the stove top it leave a brown stain. I am unable to get my glass stove clean. Could you please help me with this problem. ~June

I don't have a glass stove top but did some research. One cleaner mentioned again and again is Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner, but another method it to mix OxyClean with water to make a paste. Spread the paste on the stains, allow
it to sit for a little bit, then wash off with a soft cloth. If the stains are very dark, let it sit longer, wash and repeat. Always use cleaners on a COOL stove top. For everyday cleaning mix 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water in a spray bottle. Spray on and wipe off. This is also good to remove residue some cleaners may leave.

I have a glass-top stove and use baking soda for cleaning. Mix soda with water to make a thin paste, apply to stain, let sit for a few minutes, and wipe with a damp cloth. Works every time! This is also great for oven stains. ~Janice

I find Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleanerto be the best cleaner for my glass stove top. For light cleaning in between I use Weiman Quick Range Cleaner Wipes. The wipes are for very light cleaning only. This is the only cleaning I do for my glass top range and my top is beautiful, without any stains. My stove is at least two years old and is used daily. ~Nita

When I bought my stove with the glass top the salesman recommended using a razor blade that fits in a little flat handle like the one you scrape paint from windows, works great and does not scratch the surface. ~Thea

I too have a glass top stove, the manual recommended that I use a product called CERAMA BRYTE. Cerama Bryte is a glass-ceramic cooktop cleaner, it is recommended for GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, Hotpoint, Amana, Frigidaire, JennAir, Viking and Kenmore stoves. It quickly removes stains and cooked on messes, personally I love the stuff! I have had my glass top stove for one year this Christmas. I still have over half of the bottle of Cerama Bryte that I purchased the same day that I bought the stove. I use it to clean my stove top once a day, sometimes twice. It does a beautiful job and it doesn't scratch, plus it takes no elbow grease.

I purchased a 794g (28 oz.) bottle of the cleaner for $7.97,at my local Walmart store. when I first bought it I thought that it was a lot of money to spend...figuring that I would have to use one or two bottles a month. What a pleasant shocker, it's coming up on one year and it appears that one bottle will last a person 18 months to two years. I cook three times a day on my stove top so it does get a good work out! I checked the back of the bottle and they have a web site: ~Jayne

If the person with the glass topped stove will go and buy Bar Keepers Friend friend at the grocery store, It will keep her glass top stove looking like new. Just sprinkle it on and take a damp cloth and rub the spots, it will come clean, It may take some rubbing as I don't know how spotted her stove is. After rubbing spots off just take a clean dry cloth to remove any residue. ~winkerbean in Ohio

I have a glass top stove, and I can tell you that Amway makes an excellent cleaner called LOC Soft Cleanser that works on stoves, counters, appliances, tubs, etc. If you have some really bad brown spots, lightly rub the cleanser into the spot and leave overnight (or until very dry). The next morning, wet a soft scrubber (like an O'Cedar or other sponge with the light scrubber on the back), and scrub off the cleanser. Works like a charm! ~Mary T.

I was so impressed with the suggestions on cleaning stoves. Someone said a soda paste was great for cleaning ovens. I got right off of my computer and tried it on my oven racks. It works great. I had no intention of cleaning my oven that day but thanks to the suggestion I got it done. ~Betty from Indiana

We also have an article on OFL with tips on speed cleaning your home! Read it here:

~Enjoy today. ~Brenda


  1. I will never buy a glass top stove again, been there done that! There are some stains that just wouldn't come off, or you had to strain your muscles so bad to clean it... what a struggle LOL! I have a black stove top now and even though it shows everything, it's pretty easy to clean. Thanks for the tips though, as usual they are very helpful!

  2. Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday today!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!! Stop by anytime.

    I had a glass top stove and loved it...and with the right cleaner, done at the earliest possible time, it stayed nice and clean.


  3. I tried the soda paste suggestion on my glass top stove and it worked perfectly. I am so happy as I have been out of the retail cleaner and needed to clean up a mess my hubby made...Thanks for the tip. My glass top is grey/black in color.

  4. The operative word here is "glass". Windex! how hard is that. A razor blade is useful if you have stubborn stains. If you want to shine the stovetop in addition to the glass cleaner, use weimans. Pretty simple.


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