Thursday, October 16, 2008

Homemade Pie Baking Tips

The scarlet of maples can shake me
like a cry of bugles going by.
And my lonely spirit thrills
to see the frosty asters like
smoke upon the hills.
~William Bliss Carman

Hazel, one of my readers, sent in these tips she uses in baking 100 pies each fall! Below that are more tips from other readers and another pie related question that was sent in to me.

I make up to 100 pies each fall. I give them to friends, family and use them for sick or grieving friends. Of course, my husband and I eat our share. I usually have at least 40 pies in my freezer to take out and bake through the winter. It has always been a pain to put something under them to catch the boiling over. I used cookie sheets, which sometimes were not wide enough, so didn't catch it all. I used foil that I had to try and fold up around the pan and it was hard to get it right. About a month ago, I found 12 inch pizza pans that have a slightly raised edge. I thought it was worth a try to see if they would work. I put the 9 inch pie on them, and there is a good amount of space for drippings. I can fit two on my oven shelf at a time. I absolutely love them. Even clean up is not that bad if I soak them in very hot soapy water for a couple of hours. Everything wipes right off with the dish cloth. I feel like so much work has been taken out of my pie baking. ~Hazel P.S. I bought the pans at WalMart.

I've also used the pizza pan idea to catch drips when baking. For really easy clean-up I also line the pizza pan with the No Stick foil that is out now. It is great! Parchment paper works well too. Happy Baking! ~Elizabeth

On Hazel's pizza pans for her pies; she won't have to soak those pans if she covers them with foil. I use the new release foil for just about everything that I put in the oven. The cleanup is so quick. ~Sheila

I have also used the pizza pans when pie baking. For easier clean upon no mess cleanup, cover the pan in aluminum foil and I sometimes just coat the pan with margarine or spay with Pam (cooking spray). Any spills will come off in soap water. No scrubbing or soaking for any period of time. ~Elayne

I bought 2 glass pie pans while I was at Goodwill yesterday. They are in mint shape. I've never used glass pie pans before. I am wondering , do I lower the oven temperature 25 degrees while using glass pans, like I do with other glass baking dishes? I am a little worried what this will do to my pumpkin pies since there are 2 different temperatures to use while baking these. ~Bonnie

Yes, you should always lower the temperature by 25 degrees when using glass pie pans, or dark metal pans. If a pan is a type that is shiny and bright it's recommended you actually bake a little longer. You should also place your pans in the lower third of the oven to brown the top and the bottom evenly. As far as your baking your pies together, it would probably be best to bake the ones in the glass pans separately.

We also have an article on making a cream pie with endless variations! Click here:

Enjoy the cool fall weather! ~Brenda


  1. Thanks for the tips Brenda. I hate to admit it, but I was unaware you had to lower temperatures with glass baking dishes. You taught me something valuable.

  2. Wow Cheri, I taught you something new? I'm so tickled-- I've learned SOOOO much from you over the years that I didn't think I'd ever do that:)

  3. Coming to you via BPOTW. Thanks for the pie making tips:-)

  4. Wow, 100 pies each fall!!! How much flour, sugar and ingredients is that!?!? I'm sure all of her recipients appreciate her hard work and effort.


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