Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Goodness to Share

I thought today I would share the Halloween fun I've been finding online at all my favorite blogs!

Tip Junkie Our friends over at Tip Junkie have oodles of fantastic Halloween inspiration! Crafts, costumes, food, and anything else you need.

Dabbled: Learn how to make Creep Fingers, and Creepy Halloween Cocktails, plus much more!

Amanda's Crafts: Amanda is the Queen of Crafts in my book and she has SO many cute crafts on her blog for Halloween. Most are recycled and EASY so you can do last minute stuff if need be!

Perhaps you'd like to enter some giveaways, if you are like me and LOVE contests.

Mommies United has some great contests listed. Some expire today but a lot of them are going til next week, so check them out. I've entered most of them!

Isabubu Designs: Maker of Isabooties, which are adorable, is having a big give away! Click on the link and then enter from the main page and you'll see the button for the drawing.

~Happy Halloween, Brenda

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  1. bOo!

    Hi...just dropping in to let you know that I enjoy your blog!

    Have a happy and safe week-end!


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